A Perfect Crib For Your Baby

Buying a crib for your baby can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider, so many stores to go to, and so many brands to choose from. Which style to pick? What color is the best? What type of crib fits my nursery the best? It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and get stuck by focusing on the complexity of this seemingly difficult task. To help you clear any confusion we will introduce you to some basics about cribs for babies.

The market offers the following major styles: Standard Baby Crib. The most common one on the market, a standard crib, features a simple design, is made from solid durable hardwood, has a metal mattress support system, arched sides and flat spindles. Standard models often have large casters to roll the crib from room to room, along with locking brakes, for safety. Standard styles usually feature timeless designs.

Sleigh Baby Crib. A very classic style, this design features elegant sleigh style curves and decorative legs. Many of sleigh of these have sophisticated details and add gracefulness to your nursery.

Iron Baby Crib. Some of the most expensive and sophisticated on the market. Created by skilled craftsmen, iron often feature elaborate designs. Iron allows for designing quite intricate headboards and footboards and neat crowned canopy. Some are hand-forged, crib parts are cut by hand and bent by hand, and the connecting joints are formed by hand pouring molten metal into a mold. Many come in vintage designs.

Canopy Baby Crib. Canopy style is very stylish and elegant. Canopy cribs are made from a variety of materials: from solid hardwood to fine cast iron. The canopy part often features funky designs such as animals or safari theme, angels, bunnies, cherubs, garden, stars, canopy in the form of an airplane, cat and the fiddle. Details are often meticulous. If you want your nursery to have a subtle elegance and a luxurious look, the canopy style is the right choice for you.

Round Baby Crib. Although a round crib looks a lot different from the rest of the cribs on the market, it is a perfect choice for you if you have a small nursery. It takes less space than a traditional style, and it can be placed in the middle of the nursery to give the baby a full view of their surroundings and create quite a unique look to your nursery.

Jenny Lind. Jenny Lind is a traditional crib with fully turned distinctive spindles. It is named after a famous opera singer Jenny Lind who was rumored to sleep in bed with turned posts or spindles. Jenny Lind cribs are produced by all major manufacturers.

Designer. Designer cribs are custom made, priced much higher than a regular crib, and in many cases cannot be returned or canceled after 24 hours of placing your order. They are often made by skilled craftsmen, have custom made iron cast designs, some are hand-painted and decorated with flowers and vines, stripes and dots.

Others have animal or nautical hand-made designs. There are luxurious custom painted cribs with anything you want to be painted on them: from pastoral scenes to fly fishing painting designs. A designer crib is almost a work of art, a hand-crafted beauty, created by talented artists. Whether you’re buying a standard crib, or aiming for a hand-crafted one, always remember to check the crib for safety certification and make sure it fits the overall design of your home.