Before Buying a Baby Stroller – 6 Points You Need to Know

Stroller Ease of Use

One of the most underestimated yet important factors to consider when purchasing a new stroller is its ease of use. A stroller that is easy to use allows you to spend less time fighting with and more time enjoying a stroll, walk or jog with your baby. If ease of use is your primary concern in purchasing a stroller, it is important to evaluate the ease in which it folds and unfolds. Other details, such as a lightweight frame, well-designed safety features, swivel wheels, and whether or not the pram, buggy or carriage is infant car seat compatible add to its ease of use.

Easy to Fold

An important consideration when searching for a stroller that is easy to use is whether or not it folds and unfolds easily and with minimal effort. A stroller that opens and closes with one hand is an invaluable convenience and will make outings with your baby that much easier. One-hand fold also makes getting both it and your baby in and out of the car easier. Many of the easiest to use strollers will fold and unfold in two simple steps or less, some even on their own.


A stroller’s weight can be a determining factor in its ease of use. For the same reason, it is important that a stroller opens and closes easily, it is important that the stroller be lightweight. In many ways, the two go hand. Many lightweight strollers offer a handle to use for carrying when the stroller is folded, making transporting the stroller all the easier. A stroller that is lightweight will also be easier to maneuver when in use, often requiring less effort to push.

Safety Features

Safety features, such as rear-wheel brakes, are important when purchasing a stroller. It is just as important, however, that safety features be easily operated and accessible. One-touch rear brakes will make stopping on hills or in crowded shopping malls much easier. Another important, popular safety feature is a five-point harness. The harness and buckle should be easy to operate. You do not want to spend valuable time fighting with the buckle when putting your child in or taking your child out of the stroller.

Swivel Wheels

Front swivel wheels add to a stroller’s ease of use by increasing maneuverability. Swivel wheels allow you to make sharp turns- a great feature when strolling in a crowded shopping mall. There are few things more frustrating than trying to push a stroller that won’t cooperate or that will not go in the direction in which you need it to go. Swivel wheels enable you to push and steer with minimal effort and are especially important for those using a double or triple stroller.

Car Seat Compatible

A stroller that is compatible with your infant car seat is the ultimate convenience feature for moms of infants, allowing you to seamlessly transfer your infant car seat from its car seat base to the stroller. It is important to note that some strollers may only be infant car seat compatible when used with an adapter. These strollers may require the use of an added belt or strap that may be difficult to use. The most convenient and easy to use strollers are often made by the same manufacturer as your infant car seat so that you can simply click the seat into place- requiring little effort.